1. When does the club start?

Official enrollment for the club begins in September; however, children can join at any time throughout the year.

2. Can I enroll if I am not affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist or Christian faith?

Absolutely! The Adventurer Club welcomes families from all religious backgrounds and beliefs.

3. How do I enroll?

To enroll, fill out and print the forms for registration and email them or bring them in person meetings. For further questions regarding registration, please reach out to us via email at

4. How frequently are club meetings held?

Club meetings take place on Saturday afternoons at 130 Gerstmar Rd. From September to June, we have approximately 12 club meetings, and we usually meet twice a month (generally the second and fourth saturday of each month). Generally, club meetings are not scheduled on long weekends.

5. What are the membership costs?

The annual club membership fee is $25. This fee covers the expenses associated with uniform accessories, award patches, and materials used during club meetings. Uniforms themselves require separate purchases if they want to be kept by the family, and certain activities may have supplementary fees. We also have a loan system in place if you just need to borrow our uniforms, more information on this can be obtained during registration.

6. What is the club uniform?

Boys wear navy-blue pants and a light blue shirt with a straight collar and short sleeves. Girls wear a navy-blue pleated jumper and a light blue blouse with either a Peter Pan or straight collar and short sleeves. Both boys and girls are expected to wear black socks and shoes. This is the Class A Uniform. Our field uniform is a light blue tshirt and jeans. for more information on our uniforms, please see HERE.

7. Can I drop off my child for club meetings?

Parents are strongly encouraged to actively participate and engage in activities alongside their children during club meetings. There are numerous ways in which parents can assist during these sessions, and it provides an opportunity to connect with other families within the club.

8. My children include one within the Adventurer age group and another who is younger. Can the younger child attend the meetings as well?

Certainly! The Adventurer Club is designed as a family-oriented club, so younger children are welcome to attend alongside their Adventurer-age siblings.