The Busy Bee will be recognized for his/her work and will be invested along with the other classes of the Adventurer Club. The child must be 6 years old by December 31st of the year they are enrolled in the Busy Bee program.The Busy Bee level requirements were created to assist you and your child to encourage the physical, mental and spiritual developement of each child. The requirements are organized into five areas: 

The completion of each requirement will be noted in the lesson so you can put a star or sticker by the child’s name on the Busy Bee record card or chart. At the end of the Busy Bee year, each child completing all the requirements will receive the Busy Bee pin.

Busy Bee patches are called awards. there are lots of awards and each one is designed to encourage your busy bees to explore, learn and play. Once the Busy Bee has completed all the required activities for an individual award, a mark will be placed  by each child’s name on the Busy Bee record chart and the awards earned will be given to the adventurer member at the investiture ceremony at the end of the year. These are placed in their sash that is part of their A uniform.

Many awards are completed as part of the Busy Bee corriculum but your counselor and/or club will probably set aside time just for awards.